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Healthy Ego test

The ego helps us make sense of our thoughts and the world around us. This quick quiz, designed by Derek Linzey is a helpful tool to assist you in discovering where you are on the spectrum of egotism.

A properly balanced ego is crucial to good mental health. To determine the health of your own ego answer the following questions (as honestly as you can).

When someone pays you a compliment do you: 1. Nod and take it as just dues?

2. Blush and accept the compliment?

3. Look behind you to spot the person for whom (surely) the compliment is intended? 4. Scrutinize the complimenter for ulterior motives?

When you look in the mirror, what do you see? 1. The man/woman of your dreams. 2. A flawed but attractively human face.

3. A fat, hairy stranger. 4. Mirrors have been banished from your house.

What is your attitude toward clothes? 1. You live in naturist community—clothes only hide the glory of your body. 2. Clothes are important to you—they are a considered outward representation of your inner self. 3. You feel comfortable in whatever you wear. 4. Clothes protect the world from the hideousness of your naked form.

In the changing rooms at the pool do you: 1. Shower naked whilst conducting an involved routine of stretches? 2. Shower naked but quickly? 3. Shower with your bathing suit on?

4. Skip the shower altogether and quickly dress in one of the private stalls?

When a friend returns the first draft of your manuscript with many considered comments do you: 1. Ignore all input, as genius is destined to be misunderstood? 2. Consider these comments carefully and incorporate the salient ones into your next draft? 3. Not share your writing, as the mere act of writing is pleasure enough for you?

4. Give up and never write again?

Note down the number of your response to each question and add the numbers together.

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