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Test your personality with the Story Test

Story tests were popular in psychological diagnostics in the 20th century. Today, there are many variants of tests available. You can have fun on your own or with friends, getting to know yourself and them better. Discover more about your personality, like your behavior or your innermost thoughts. This test involves inventing a story with alternative development possibilities. It's the simplest type of story test, published in 2016. Personality tests like this one can be helpful to get a general idea about you, although take it as fun. For more relevant results there are psychologists.

Let's start .

1. Imagine that you are entering a forest.

Is it light or dark?

Do you see a path?

2. Begin walking through the forest.

You see a cup. What does it look like?

What do you do with it?

3. You continue through the forest and come across water.

What does the water look like?

Is it moving?

How deep is it?

You need to cross the water. How do you do this?

4. You then encounter a bear.

What sort of bear is it?

What is it doing?

You need to carry on. How do you get around the bear?

5. You reach a clearing. You can see a beach.

Can you see any people?

If so, how far away are they?

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